Monday, November 15, 2010

How important is my dad?

Two days have past since dad and I talked. Another misunderstanding on both sides. As usual we argued again about many things. But I know that he will cool down after three days. I shut all means of communication like I turned off my mobile and the wireless land line. I just had to because the frustration is too much. He has this attitude that he can put you down and you will feel that you are nothing without him. He tends to boast on the things he has done for me my whole life. And its annoying me because I am not a kid anymore.

As I was in line at the ATM, I was thinking of the things I need to purchase for the shop. As I wait for my turn I drew a list in my head. As I punched in the digits, to withdraw the money, suddenly the machine didn't accept my card. I was stunned. I tried a few times then I went to the cashier to check my balance. The ladies at the cashier assisted me, and to my surprise the device where it shows you the remaining balance reads "DO NOT HONOR." I was in panic mode due to the salary of my employee was there. I started to shake a little and was thinking of how can I withdraw the money if my card was invalid. Then my baby said to check the ATM at a different machine. So I lined up again and while I was waiting in line, I thought to myself what if dad cancelled my atm or decided to hold my account. I was already paranoid. When I got the money, I made a sigh of relief. Then all of a sudden thoughts run through my mind. I thought "what if" I wasn't able to withdraw? God, I wouldn't know what to do!

Then I thought of my dad. He didn't just gave me allowance, it was not just money but I thought of what if dad wasn't there for me anymore. I would be lost. So after I post this I would definitely call him or send a text message to him. And I will let him know how important he is to me. Dad always takes care of me even though we are far apart. He makes sure that I am safe and I am in good health. He religiously checks on me and reminds me of what I did wrong and to learn from it. Dad makes sure that I take good care of myself. And for the past few days I haven't heard from him. And it makes me feel sad. Sad because I let myself be drawn to my emotions instead of understanding, that's what Dad's are for. Since my mom is not that persistent on checking up on me, it was all dad since I was a child. Dad was always there for me. Now that he is getting old now its my turn to take care of him. I call this day REALITY CHECK...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Why do we have to love someone so much and yet we know in the end they will have to leave us?

Why do we try to avoid hurting others, when in fact we do not even notice that we caused it to happen in the first place?

Even when we spend years with the one we love and suffer so much pain, why do we still strive to be together?

Love is so difficult. Are we ready for what lies ahead? Do we really have to feel this way? Why does it cause so much pain?

When can we say that love conquers all? Can someone please tell me?

Can you be patient enough to wait for the right one to come? What if the right one got away? How will you know?

To suffer so much of this I believe that love can understand and will be waiting at the end of the line.

But for now I will let myself drown in tears as the days and nights progress having to wake up not seeing you beside me. For I know that one day the world would understand why we are here loving each other till our very last breath.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

More nature pics of the farm

Hard working Eddieboy (the one in red)! He's the foreman and driver of the group and hes also my "kumpare" and of course hes my dad's employee in his Company and my mom's part time driver!

This is the future rest house we are working on.

These people are the workers we have in the farm including their families.

I love this picture its the bonding of sisters!

Photos taken at Stateland, Gen. Trias Cavite where our farm is located

Mom in the "kubo" resting.

This was the previous dinnig area but today the "kubo" is the resting place and dining area for the family of course!
On our way to the farm

Its been awhile....

Hey its been awhile since I last dropped by my blog... Well, its now time to begin another page... So how was I? Well, its been good. Another year has bid us farewell for us to welcome the new year. So they say its a Dawg eat Dawg year this year so I just hope we all survive this cruel and discreet world we live in.

I hope and pray that the next generation would be a much more productive one meaning to say productive in terms of aiming high to succeed in being a good citizen and contributing to the well being of others unlike some people who tend to depend on the government to change for them to succeed, and unlike others who carelessly handle the responsibility of having safe sex and then spreading the virus, unlike others who tend to be someone their not, unlike others who take advantage of the people who has helped them when they had none, unlike others who tend to think that they are the greatest person who has achieved the most highly dedication and yet they forget to acknowledge the person behind their success, unlike others who build their dreams on material things and high tech gadgets yet see their fellowmen struggle to survive a one day having just one meal, to see how the world we live in now makes me wonder of how our ancestors lived in peace, simplicity, honesty, friendship, integrity, and lived upto a hundred without the highlights of life. The things that are priceless, these are what matters. The satisfaction that comes with the joy you see in the eyes of the people you meet and help along the way the feeling I feel is unexplainable! The smile you give to people who are about lose hope can give them strength and inspiration. Its in the simplest things that give a huge impact in each and everyone's life.

How I wish that some of us would stop and think for just awhile and say I had a wonderful day today not because I have a secure and a high paying job, a complete high end workstation and an awesome car. But having the opportunity to help someone in need or by just being honest towards each other, stripping away and just to humble yourself to God and mankind and all the other things that money cannot buy... Makes me say I am satisfied with my life. Just remember that all material things will break, wither away, you will eventually leave them all behind when the time comes, so why focus your life with things you can bring on the afterlife? Unless you leave something to the ones you love like faith, respect, love, humility, honesty and love? We are not residents here. We belong to the Kingdom of God. So why not prepare for that? I know I am prepared to meet my Creator. How about you? Are you ready?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today's the day!

So this is how it feels to be 28... HUh nothing extraordinary though.... Dinner at DADs glorietta tonight. But thats just the Fam. So the REAL pahtey is on JUL 2 8pm Sat at my apartment. Be in your drinking spree attitude coz we are goin to drink til we drop! Hope to see you there! Text me first to confirm! AIGHT!?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June Bug....

Well, I call it the "June Bug" coz this month I turn another year older and the very thought of it cuts deep.... DAMN I feel old.... Older that I think I am and as the year goes by the resposiblity gets larger and larger... OH WELL.... as if we have a choice do we???? Life goes on man... And I am pleased that I have found my mate... I have found the sweetest woman and I am glad that shes going to stay for real... I love my life... And my life is you...